C-DEM - Cyber Drill Event Management has been
C-DEM supports exercise players who can be
developed and created to organize and manage
geographically distributed in multiple locations.
large scale and multi-party cyber drill exercises.
The process starts with Injection of events (done
The product has been developed in India and
by Exercise Moderator using the Master Scenario
qualifies as per Notification No. 43/4/2019-IPHW-
Event List). Exercise moderator decides when and
MeitY dated 07.09.2020 of Ministry of Electronics
where the event has to be injected based on
and Information Technology (MeitY), as a Class-I
current time and the overall status of an exercise.
Local supplier.
This process also includes feedback mechanism
from exercise players and cluster moderators,
C-DEM, has been designed as a communication,
which is required to manage and control exercise
coordination and management toolkit for cyber
by understanding the important actions that are
range drills. It enables the exchange of events,
taken and track the overall status of the exercise.
tracking and execution of complex exercises and
exchanging of reports. A web-based solution
C-DEM has a simple architecture that supports
which can be hosted on your premise or on the
scalability, performance and availability.
C-DEM has been created to help an organisation
Client or presentation tier (User Interface) is
organize cyber event. This supports multiple users,
accessible through a web browser. Users
and some of the key roles supported are
will interact with the web application by
SuperAdmim who manages the solution
performing actions in this layer. It will also
and assigns roles to different users
display results of those actions in a way the
Event organizer to run an event or an
users can easily understand.
exercise scenario in a timely and orderly
Logic tier contains the functional business
process. It involves injecting events across
logic for the application. It coordinates
clusters to multiple users through a web
between the Client tier and Data tier by
processing commands and making logical
Cluster organizer to view the injected
decisions to perform evaluations and/or
events in their cluster, who forward the
same to cluster exercise players. They also
Data Tier consists of database and/or
update and view the exercise status.
content management servers used for data
Event players to view and execute injected
storage and information retrieval. It keeps
events. They also provide timely updates in
data neutral and independent from
the form of feedback to their cluster
application servers or business logic.
1046 Sector A, Pocket B Vasant Kunj, South
Event observers to view the progress and
status of exercises across the system.
West Delhi , New Delhi 110070, India
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