In today's growing business world, Analysis plays a very important role in taking decisions and risk and also promotes a smooth flow in the business organisation. We aim that an organisation is totally aware of the fact that whether they are on the right path or not.

We have got expertise and efficient developers to provide you with correct data analytics which is a complicated task but we will surely make it easy for you.

We come up with ideas by solving and understanding the series of data within minimum time and offer you with conclusions and ease the workload to take suitable decisions for the fields such as business, marketing, financial strategies.

We have an ingenious team of analysts, developers, designers who will always have a target to counter all the problems.

Starting with data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioural Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing, Cluster Analysis, Data aggregation and many more which will lead you to get a power over the Interweb.


We have a got a team with us who are passionate designers and developers who do something which you will eventually love because they never take their work as "work" but also as their responsibility. And that’s why our team connects with the clients so that they feel they have given their work in the right hands of the people who don't differentiate their work with their passion. Rather their work is their passion.

In a world where we try to make impossible things possible and try to connect to almost everything in this world whether it is a living thing or a non-living thing, we believe in accelerating technological possibilities which has always been proved as efficient and successful.

There has always been a constant hustle of evolving, exploring to its fullest and also work on possibilities and probabilities. Now we try to provide means so that everything is connected to the global market.

Our application mainly focuses on product development services and strengthening management services. The Research and Development team have aimed to always give support to their clients from the initial creative stage till the final product is commenced.

The services which we provide include hardware and software design, mobile and web development services and more so that we don't lack behind in the case of service.


Mobile Application is a very powerful business tool which can increase the organization’s outreach on the market and can create a solid communications base for exchange of information between you and your customers, it gives your consumer a platform to get directly in touch with the required department for any hassles that they are facing.

These applications also help you increase the sales and services that you provide. For example, it has been observed in the case of Domino’s Pizza that with live Mobile Application service, they have an increase of 28% in sales.

At Vartulz technologies, we provide these services with an objective to fit your specific needs and can be personalized to your design requirements.

A Custom Mobile Application for your business helps you with the branding of your organisation with your themes, slogans, logo etc. will create a concrete impression of your organization in the consumer’s mind.

With options for App Sharing, Push Notifications and Newsfeed you can notify your customer about your product launch, new services, insider news, etc and let the customer be your brand advocate who can share the services on various social media platforms.

At Vartulz, we provide these services in all the 3 platforms that are available in India. These are Android, iOS and Windows with Android being the most popular among the 3 followed by iOS and later Windows respectively.


Enterprise Application is a communication medium for exchange of information within the organisation, this will ensure synchronization within the hierarchy of Employees and among the various departments of your organization.

At Vartulz technologies, we provide enterprise applications services that can be specifically designed to fit your organization’s needs and policies.

These Applications reduce the friction in the flow of information and can improve efficiency of an organisation. They are used to manage internal matters that take place inside an organization with secure channels.

MNCs use these applications of keep track of all the operations therefore providing data of all their transactions, shipments, assets, liabilities etc.

With customized Enterprise applications, you can therefore manage all operations of your organization at your fingertips.


Running a software on the server is something which has been bothering the clients in order to reach out to a greater number of people. The problems involve technicalities, functionality, etc. With a team of dedicated people for web applications, we look after the creation and the usability of the same. This involved delivery of the application and tools to control the same efficiently.

Again, the framework needs proper functioning of the web server, application server and the database server as well. We focus on a kind of development, that not only gives you the perfect outlook but also kind of technical expertise that can be easily operated.

All these services, with a human touch, aim to lessen your burden related to the technical aspect of the business. Thus, we believe, your business can be revolutionized with our ever-improving arsenal.


Chatbots need artificial intelligence in the backend technology. It needs to be compact enough to tackle the queries just like the client would do with his/her customers. With the emerging methods of communication, chatbots never fail to make an impression of the company in terms of engagement with the customers.

Again, we look for a client’s comfort. Two key things to be noted while coming up with a chatbot is the installation cost and the complex interface behind it. Our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the creation of a holistic chatbot. This involves the development of flexible interface to tackle all kinds of questions and queries not just the direct and the basic ones which an organisation expects from a client.

With our tailor-made and user-friendly chatbots, the interaction with the clients can be more transparent when it comes to clearing the queries. This can serve as a huge source of engagement on the website and have a positive impact over the long run of the business.


We also provide solutions that can serve as development and operations of a software through IT infrastructure. With robust levels of technologies, our solutions aim to make the devops flexible as well as functional in diverse platforms.

Since it’s a cross functional mode of working with works with a set of tools, the process of the development is known to be very input oriented. Starting from the planning of the blueprint, our developers move ahead to coding with a minimal approach to build and to get it tested for the devops to be released soon. Integrated approach is given when being deployed to look after the uses in a 360 glance. Henceforth, it is monitored for the deviations of standards and is modified accordingly with proper follow up.

This comprehensive and technical approach helps one to get into the market with ready-to-use technology to generate leads and to increase market share.

With our solutions on the same, you can focus on the business end of the organisation while we take charge of the functionality of the same.


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