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Cloud Computing

Our experienced cloud specialists will work with you to determine what cloud technologies would best meet your business needs. We’re experts at Cloud Migration and Integration and will work with you every step of the way.
– Cloud Hosting Services
– Cloud Networking
– Cloud Based Software (SaaS)
Support and management of infrastructure-related services such as remote monitoring, security services, desktop and server administration, database administration, etc. fall under the gamut of RIM.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows users to build virtual networks and deliver services on a global level. Microsoft or Linux virtual machines can be created, quickly, with the use of marketplace templates, or from custom machine images. These virtual machines can host apps and services, just as if they resided in a company’s local data center. As well, unlimited managed SQL relational databases are offered through Azure, which saves businesses from the additional expense of buying hardware and software. It also eliminates the need for in-house expertise to administer the databases.

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