Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management

server management

Server management

Our Server management service offers reliable, secure and ITIL- compliant support and management services for any type of Microsoft, Linux & UNIX server infrastructure in corporate datacenters. By playing a pivotal role in reducing server operational expenses, increasing server availability, improving data protection & enhancing flexibility, we help businesses maintain a competitive edge.
• Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of servers on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security alerts. Proactively escalate issues to appropriate groups.
• Problem/Resolution management: Remote resolution of server problems on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security issues. Break fixing.

Database Management

Data volume growth and IT budget crunches make resource intensive data infrastructure management tasks a challenge. The new global business model requires data to be available on a 24 x 365 basis, which means that service disruptions due to staff shortages are not an option. Among the Database support we offer:
• 24×7 remote administration and support by remote DBAs for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL remote database management.
• Remote administration best practices leveraged across customer base.
• Personalized process for each remote DBA customer
• Business Critical Database support and monitoring
• Managing various Databases like-MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase.
• Hot and overnight Backups
• Monitoring-Log shipping, Replication etc.
• Extending table spaces
• DB purges, Backups & Restores
• Alerts & warnings resolution
• Tickets resolution
• Troubleshooting day to day Database problems
• Query Tuning/Performance Tuning

Application Management

We offer comprehensive solutions to overcome the operational challenges and reduce management costs of your Application infrastructure. Our solutions are:
• Vendor Products and In-house developed or Customized Application Support
• Alert monitoring: Log Monitoring & Reprocessing log files. Remote monitoring of your business application on a 24×7 basis for faults, performance, and security alerts
• User monitoring: Track and report all user activity on business applications. Identify suspicious activity and take corrective action.
• ETL/Data Warehouse Support & Management : ETL Environment Policies, Templates, Configuration Management, Preventive Maintenance, Alerts, Troubleshooting, Resolution, Handling ServiceDesk Tickets, Critical Incidents, Release Handling, ETL Environment Consolidation, Performance Improvement of Jobs

Storage management

Storage Management Service provides a suite of services that helps you plan, implement and manage storage services and achieving financial goals without compromising security. Our cost effective and efficient storage services would help you provide storage and backup services based on various levels of access, redundancy, performance and replication for your end-users without any complications. We have defined strategies which enable you to meet the demand for storage requirements without cutting corners on security and integrity of your data.
• Storage planning and design: Understand the various user and application storage needs and develop an effective storage infrastructure design
• SAN / NAS Backup solution architecture, design and deploy (EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, Veritas etc.)
• System Integration/Administration for enterprise storage area networks
• Storage solution implementation: Install and configure storage devices, SANs, NASs and “storage clouds” that best meet the needs of your end-users and business applications
• Storage monitoring: Proactive monitoring of storage service levels and identify critical conditions before end-users notice performance degradation
• Storage optimization & Fine Tuning: Analyze existing storage implementation, develop and implement optimization techniques to ensure best price-to-performance ratio
• Disaster recovery and replication
DATABASE storage

Network management

We understand the criticality of Network Management, Its availability & its aspects in line with business objectives and has developed the effective process to manage same remotely. Our Network Management Services offers reliable, secure, and ITIL-compliant support and management services for any type of corporate network infrastructure. Our expertise in multiple network technologies and critical network infrastructure helps us efficiently manage LANs, WANs, VPNs, Wireless networks, Virtual networks and converged networks thus ensuring all time access for end-users to their applications.
• Standard Operating Procedures, Knowledge base for providing remote support
• Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of networks on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance.
• Patch and configuration management: Proactive and timely installation of critical patches and manage configurations of all your network devices.
• Remotely administering whole Network & devices like
o Routers, Gateways, L3 Switches
o VLAN, VPNs, Tunnels
o DHCP, QOS, Baselining
o Traffic Management/Prioritization/Policing etc.
• ITIL practices, Processes & Procedures support

Security Management

Security Management goes hand in hand to Network Management. We understand how critical is Security to the overall functionality of Network availability.
Following services are managed by us to maintain the security of your solutions and services.
• Experienced IT-Security administrators in various technologies related to Security like Sonicwall, CheckPoint, Cisco etc.
• Standard Operating Procedures, Knowledge base for providing remote & on-site support
• Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of networks on a 24×7 basis for security alerts. Proactively escalate issues to appropriate groups
• Vulnerability management: Periodic and real-time scanning for vulnerabilities on network devices. Identify potential security vulnerabilities and resolve them
• User monitoring: Track and report all user activity on critical network infrastructure. Identify suspicious activity and take corrective action
o Remotely administering IT-Security aspects on Routers, Firewalls, Gateways, L3 Switches, Security Policies, Access Control solutions

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